About us


At H3O we put quality first and only choose to use the best ingredients possible. That means from start to finish we never spray anything on our plants and source seeds produced without GMOs. We lab test our products to provide the most accurate CBD content. Our tinctures are soaked in organic grain alcohol providing a full spectrum of cannabinoids to be extracted. We press, filter, and bottle them. No additives, fillers, preservatives, sweeteners, or flavorings are added to our tinctures.

Get to know us.

 Our highly rich CBD is grown on our family farm located in Orange, Virginia. We strive to offer the purest products possible. All of our farming is done organically without the use of chemicals that are harmful to you and the earth. We strive to find and use only the best quality, all natural products on our farm. We carefully source everything from our seeds to fertilizers and only use the best organic options available. Products we use and you can trust.

If you have any questions about the farm please email us at Info@H3Ohempco.com